The Pink Party 2011

benefiting cedars-sinai women's cancer program at
the samuel oschin comprehensive cancer institute

elyse walker

With an eye for color and proportion, a keen buying sense, and a deep love for helping clients find their personal style, Elyse Walker has established one of the most successful specialty boutiques in the country. Since its opening in 1999, her namesake store has grown to 6,500 square feet and spans nearly an entire block of Antioch Street in Pacific Palisades, Calif., attracting women from all over the country who are looking for noteworthy and fashion-forward designs.

Even with her full-time commitment to her business and family, Elyse has always made giving back a priority. While Elyse was at Columbia University, her mother was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer. Elyse managed to complete her education while taking charge of the family retail business. Sadly, Elyse ultimately lost her 42 year-old mother to cancer after a long battle with the disease. It was this devastating experience that motivated Elyse to create the Pink Party®, an annual fundraiser for Cedars-Sinai Women’s Cancer Program (formerly Women’s Cancer Research Institute) which has raised more than $6 million in the past six years.

Elyse lives by the motto that whatever you accomplish in life, you have to give back. Inspired by her mother as well as the extraordinary women she encounters on a daily basis, it is her most heartfelt desire to help find a cure for women’s cancer.

"Putting this party together each year is one of the most rewarding things I do," she says. "I learned at a young age that life is very short. That's why we all need to celebrate - every milestone, every birthday. You have to celebrate life."